Amazon Price Shopping

I’ve been meaning to get the Lord of the Rings Blu-Ray Extended version for a while and the steep price has always deterred me from pulling the trigger. I’m used to compare pricing between Amazon France and UK quite a lot but it occurred to me the discs my be “all zone” and buying in North America could be a bit cheaper. Turns out there’s quite a bit of price fluctuation for what is basically the same box-set (albeit with different set of language tracks & subtitles): (all prices are without sale tax)

  1. Amazon France (where I usually shop, because language) had it for about 60.70 €. It seems to be no longer sold by Amazon and the cheapest seller has it for almost a 100 €!
  2. Amazon UK has it for about 90 €.
  3. Amazon US has it for about 49 €.
  4. Amazon Canada has it for about 31 €! And as a bonus, it has the French track I was hoping to have.

Shipping to Singapore is about the same cost for all of them, so the choice was easily made.